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Slatnik '18

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About: The Radikon family have been tending vineyards planted on plots straddling the Italian-Slovenian border for four generations. For these four generations, they have produced wines abiding to the natural winemaking philosophies -- namely hand-harvesting, extended skin maceration, large, older barrel fermentations without temperature control, no added yeasts or enzymes, and little or no use of sulfur. The orange wines of Radikon are born of tradition, not trend. Today, Saša Radikon continues his late father, Stanko's, work producing some of the world's most captivating natural bottlings.    

Description: Slatnik is part of the "S" line from Radikon, which sees shorter macerations, is lightly sulfured at bottling and released in standard 750ml bottles. This approachable orange brings notes of peach pit, mushroom and wet stone.

Vinification: The grapes are destemmed, crushed and co-fermented with natural yeasts in oak vats with no temperature control and no sulfur. Maceration lasts for 10-14 days (versus three months for the flagship wines). After a gentle pressing, the wine is put in 6000L Friuli-made French oak botti for a year on its lees. It is bottled with a tiny amount of sulfur without filtration and then aged in bottle for a year before release.

Grapes: Chardonnay & Tokaj Friulano

Region: Friuli, Italy

Alc./Vol.: 13.0%

Selling Format: 750mL