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Pinard et Filles - 2 Pack Special

Exciting arrivals from Quebec winemaker Pinard & Filles...

This mix pack includes 2 wines:

  • Nuance de Gris '20 - 100% Frontenac Gris Direct pressing and natural fermentation in 400L barrels. Aging and malolactic fermentation in barrels, then bottled without fining, filtration nor added sulfur. Immaculate white color: perhaps the most beautiful surprise of the 2020 vintage. This blanc de gris, a first for us, shows all the richness of the aromatic spectrum and the great potential of Frontenac Gris! 
  • Vin de Jardin '20- 40% Frontenac Noir + 30% Frontenac Gris + 30% Frontenac Blanc Here everything is allowed (and tried) with the Frontenac! Natural fermentation in whole bunches (semi-carbonic) for a part; white, gray and black in equal parts. Direct press for the Frontenac Noir, natural fermentation in amphora for another part and destemmed and crushed for the rest. Bottling without fining or filtration, nor added sulfur. Red wine for the garden – or even a swimming pool! - like a rosé in the skin of a red, all in freshness and fruit. Serve chilled and drink in large sips! 


Pioneering a bright-eyed wine crusade within the extreme terroir of Quebéc, Frédéric Simon and his wife Catherine Bélanger tend to their 1.50 hectare winery with resolute sincerity and an evolving sense of place.

Discovery drives the work that they do here, with relatively new plantings of vitis vinifera such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Dornfelder, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Savagnin (uncommon to the area due to arduous growing conditions). All vines are tended to organically, with minimal alterations in the cellar, leading Frédéric to a series of challenges to consider when combating the extreme cold of winter and inevitable frosts of spring.

While experimentation is well underway with the aforementioned varietals, production is quite limited and circulates mainly within the local market – championed by natural wine establishments such as Joe Beef and Catherine’s own Moleskine and Pullman Bar à Vin.

The first cuvées available to the United States include Frangine White & Frangin Red – macerated La Crescent for the white and an assemblage of Marquette and Frontenac Gris for the red – sourced from a rented vineyard in Lanoraie. Both adhere to the same strict standards of minimal intervention in the winery, with no additions of chemicals, yeasts, acid, or chaptalization.

Frédéric enlists renowned Canadian artist/novelist Marc Séguin to imagine custom labels for each of his wines. A painter himself, Frédéric has long collected Séguin’s pieces in his home – as far back to his days of co-owning restaurant Les Cons Servent and operating a wine importing business – before selling nearly everything he owned and working toward the vision and love affair that is Pinard et Filles.


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